Saturday, June 20, 2009

Abortion Re-Examination

Whose body is it?

A woman's body is a vehicle for reproduction and as such, her body is not her sole possession. It belongs to the State.
At this point in history of humankind, without a women's body there is no perpetuity of human life.
The well meaning, good healthy members of The American Commune/Utopia, The Shakers, proved that to be true.

If a women's body is not her sole possession, then autonomy over what is done to or with her body is paramount over the individual woman's right to self determination.

This is the underlying debate on Abortion, women crying out, it is my body and pro life proponents declaring a woman's body their rightful domain. But abortion is not a woman's right. It is a threat to the State! To life as we know it.

God, religion, threats, fears, violent acts must become standard fare to induce more like-minded folks to our way of thinking/acting. Thankfully, people are being born as you read. Not by the hundreds but by the thousands, the tens of thousands. By the millions.

Do not stop their birth!

In defense of Abortion: the numbers speak for themselves.

In the United States, the problem of relative underpopulation is tangible.

We need men and women to send to war, to conquer new territories to replenish those who have served and can serve no more.

We need more under educated, poor menial workers to perform "untouchable" tasks that are the foundation of a society, a people. We need more homeless to help acclimate people to a restrictive life style.

Where to find, to nuture these valuable citizens?

The unwanted, the pregnancies that women tried to get and couldn't, these are the most valuable citizens of our nation.

We need disposable people, unloved, unwanted. We need people who as babies can be taken from the controlling folds of family life to be trained, reared in institutions for the benefit of society.

We need women to give birth at a younger age, when her eggs are fresh, pristine. In parts of Ethiopia the girls get married at age 5, give birth at the moment of emerging puberty. The possibilities are endless.

We need women who aren't independent upward striving, mobile givers to an extreme. We need a military approach, the dominate man in the home to control, to mold the young into followers. We need to increase the gap between child and parent. Don't make the mistake of sounding like a friend to your child. That only confuses them, confusing the issues, blurs the question of why we are born, why do we live.
These are useless question, not worthy of contemplation. Simply put, we don't have time to wonder why.

Too many leaders, like too many women in a kitchen, are a bad thing; impossible to commit them to decisions. to actions. They can't be included in discussions in matters of State if the state is to survive.

Too much individual wealth is a cushion, a basis for dissent. This too must be crushed. Systematic re-ordering of the financial National ownership of individual excess must be achieved no matter what the cost to public opinion; we must persist/commit to take and not give back.

Good health is a problem when used to the detriment of the State, as it too often is.

This experiment in democracy can best be curbed by taking away once and for all. Strip people of their homes, their dignity and what do they have left: Obedience. Nothing like a good cause to capture the rage of senseless citizens.

The focus for our very existence must be and will be on the military at home and abroad: on the continuation of our growth and prosperity for the few. Without the re-ordering of financial foundation, without the curtailment of All
Abortions, without the increase in population, without a fresh new crop of willing and able followers, this country and the entire world will cease to be. We will perish on Earth and in heaven the problems of overpopulation of the free thinkers will persist and persist!

Free the Fetus. Let those precious babies come into the world to join in our march forward forever and ever!

Life today and tomorrow and life projected into a rewarding hereafter can only be possible with children, our children.

Stop Abortion Now!

Linda Z
Women's Collective

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