Saturday, July 11, 2009

WBAI Women's Collective: Boobs 4 Sale

The Women's Collective, Feminist Radio And Beyond....

: Exposing female image exploitation and promotion of physical disfigurement in media imposed depictions of women and their bodies - Fallout and Fightback. And how to be comfortable in the skin we're in. Join hosts Vanessa Cooper, Linda Z, and Travis Thomas, with guests Shashana McNeil and Joy Rose of Mothers On Prozac.

The WBAI Women's Collective covers the entire spectrum of political, cultural and intellectual issues crucial to women's lives, from feminism and revolutionary global sisterhood to critical aspects of the mind, body and men. Airing every second Thursday of the month, at 11AM.

Airing Thursday September 10, 11AM-Noon
At 99.5FM in NY and streaming live/archived at