Thursday, May 28, 2015

Arts Express: Cannes Film Festival Wrap-Up Report, Bromancing Woody

**Cannes Film Festival Wrap-Up Report: Professor Dennis Broe on location for Arts Express, presenting among the best films, The Law Of The Market. A French workingclass drama about arresting poor people for stealing food, and the indignities visited upon these victims of a destroyed economy. And according to Broe, the best Dardennes brothers movie the Dardennes never made.

Also, a Cannes film crop this year summed up as Euro-Disney, auteur porn in 3D, the Chinese Balzac, global materialism and a son named Dollar, shoplifters in the supermarket, French luxury product placement, heelgate and female mannequins on the red carpet runway, and the screen staple of philandering males. And, Shakespeare demoted to 4th place writing credit behind three screenwriters of Weinstein's Macbeth - a tale signifying Oscar but little else.


**Bromancing Woody: Several guests this week inspired by Woody Allen. Including Woody scholar Alex Sheremet, in a conversation about his online anthology, Reel To Real: A Digi-Dialogue. And his introduction of an innovative concept online, the perpetual work in progress of e-books known as digi-dialogues, as a permanent construct.

And, filmmaker Quincy Rose phones in to Arts Express from LA to talk about his first dramatic feature, Miles To Go. A self-described 'voice from the modern manchild generation' - and he'll explain. Along with the influence on his work of Rose's actual godfather offscreen: Woody Allen.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Arts Express: The Book Of Negroes, Cannes Film Festival Report, Dolph Lundren Talks Skin Trade

The Book Of Negroes: The second secret American Revolution in 1776 that freed thousand of slaves, in this historical drama. And featuring that rare celebrated phenomenon, a female rebel leading a victory against human bondage in America. A conversation with the African Canadian filmmaker Clement Virgo and female freedom fighter on screen, star Aunjanue Ellis.

The Cannes Film Festival Report: Professor Dennis Broe reporting on location for Arts Express. And deconstructing the continued cultural imperialism of the cinematic marketplace, and the infiltration of the red carpet economy at all levels of the global film industry. And how Professor Broe accidentally wandered into a French street rally promoting fascism and monarchism.


Skin Trade: A conversation with actor Dolph Lundgren. Delving into combating global sex trafficking as an action hero on screen, trading in brains for brawn as a former Fulbright Scholar, and how he got involved in movies by chance when asked to point a gun at Christopher Walken's head during a visit with girlfriend Grace Jones, to the set of her James Bond movie.

Prairie Miller

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Arts Express: Most Dangerous Man In America, Drones, Secret Second American Revolution, Churchill The Play

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Black Lives Matter: Past, Present, Future

Arts Express is offering:
*Pairs Of Tickets to Most Dangerous Man In America
*Plus Bonus DVD The Book Of Negroes.
*CD Of Most Dangerous Man In America Director Interview, Amiri Baraka Reading Excerpts From This, His Last Play Never Before Produced. And The Book Of Negroes Director, Star And Writer Interviews. And, Most Dangerous Man In America director Woodie King reflecting on the play's legacy for the Black Lives Matter struggles in progress. And, its significance for the 90th anniversary of the birth of Malcolm X on 5/19, and in connection to the 1981 biopic King wrote and directed in tribute, Death Of A Prophet, starring Morgan Freeman as Malcolm.

Most Dangerous Man In America is a dramatic reflection of one of the most traumatic events in the terrible period of McCarthyism. W.E.B DuBois, a co-founder of the NAACP, a scholar and political activist, known and recognized throughout the world, was indicted in 1951 by the US government at the age of 82 as "an agent of a foreign power." In the play, the focus moves back and forth between the Harlem community and their opinions, the witnesses' testimony and the courtroom battles. This is Amir Baraka's last play written just before his death, and never before performed on stage.

The Book Of Negroes Bonus DVD,* Limited Edition: The Canadian dramatic miniseries excavating the recorded buried history of the secret second American Revolution in 1776 this country has never been forthcoming about - 3,000 slaves who fought with the British to win their freedom and flight from bondage as liberated refugees  - something they knew would not be granted by the Americans, ironically even as they battled for their own freedom. And though the Americans demanded the return of their slaves as 'property' in conjunction with the Paris Peace Treaty and dubious Declaration of Independence, the British refused.

Also, Pledge gifts include Churchill on stage, Drones, and The Art Of Magic classes.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Arts Express: Russell Brand, Helen Hunt, Swoosie Kurtz, Subway Showtime, And Sexism In The Supermarket

**Tribeca 2015: The Long And The Short Of It.

The Emperor's New Clothes: Russell Brand political fashion statements in the Michael Winterbottom documentary delving into what is to be done about the One Percent. Or maybe not.

We Live This: The lives and struggles of the Showtime Kids, subway performer ghetto youth breakdancing underground for spare change, in this compassionately crafted short doc. Who are they and where do they live, after showtime is over. If anywhere.


**Mothers Day, Unconventional Mothering: Conversations with actresses Helen Hunt and Swoosie Kurtz. Touching on womanhood, work, family, Vietnam, McCarthyism, Melissa McCarthy and the new generation of funny women, Lillian Hellman, and sexism in the supermarket.

Arts Express, airing every week on the WBAI/Pacifica National Radio Network and Affiliate Stations.

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