Thursday, May 28, 2015

Arts Express: Cannes Film Festival Wrap-Up Report, Bromancing Woody

**Cannes Film Festival Wrap-Up Report: Professor Dennis Broe on location for Arts Express, presenting among the best films, The Law Of The Market. A French workingclass drama about arresting poor people for stealing food, and the indignities visited upon these victims of a destroyed economy. And according to Broe, the best Dardennes brothers movie the Dardennes never made.

Also, a Cannes film crop this year summed up as Euro-Disney, auteur porn in 3D, the Chinese Balzac, global materialism and a son named Dollar, shoplifters in the supermarket, French luxury product placement, heelgate and female mannequins on the red carpet runway, and the screen staple of philandering males. And, Shakespeare demoted to 4th place writing credit behind three screenwriters of Weinstein's Macbeth - a tale signifying Oscar but little else.


**Bromancing Woody: Several guests this week inspired by Woody Allen. Including Woody scholar Alex Sheremet, in a conversation about his online anthology, Reel To Real: A Digi-Dialogue. And his introduction of an innovative concept online, the perpetual work in progress of e-books known as digi-dialogues, as a permanent construct.

And, filmmaker Quincy Rose phones in to Arts Express from LA to talk about his first dramatic feature, Miles To Go. A self-described 'voice from the modern manchild generation' - and he'll explain. Along with the influence on his work of Rose's actual godfather offscreen: Woody Allen.

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