Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Arts Express: The Book Of Negroes, Cannes Film Festival Report, Dolph Lundren Talks Skin Trade

The Book Of Negroes: The second secret American Revolution in 1776 that freed thousand of slaves, in this historical drama. And featuring that rare celebrated phenomenon, a female rebel leading a victory against human bondage in America. A conversation with the African Canadian filmmaker Clement Virgo and female freedom fighter on screen, star Aunjanue Ellis.

The Cannes Film Festival Report: Professor Dennis Broe reporting on location for Arts Express. And deconstructing the continued cultural imperialism of the cinematic marketplace, and the infiltration of the red carpet economy at all levels of the global film industry. And how Professor Broe accidentally wandered into a French street rally promoting fascism and monarchism.


Skin Trade: A conversation with actor Dolph Lundgren. Delving into combating global sex trafficking as an action hero on screen, trading in brains for brawn as a former Fulbright Scholar, and how he got involved in movies by chance when asked to point a gun at Christopher Walken's head during a visit with girlfriend Grace Jones, to the set of her James Bond movie.

Prairie Miller