Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Arts Express: Paul Sorvino Talks The Last Poker Game

Paul Sorvino Talks The Last Poker Game. And the last movie release for co-star Martin Landau who just passed away.

** "They called me and then the question was, who is going to be the other fellow. And when they said Marty Landau, I said that's it, go no further - that's the guy."

Actor Paul Sorvino phones in from LA to talk about his unusual elder bromance with Martin Landau as feisty residents in an old age home not ready to give up on life, in The Last Poker Game. Sorvino, fond of switching up screen personas on both sides of the law, also shares details about his new cookbook  - and the mystery recipe for a drink he calls The Goodfella. And a conversation peppered with menus and movies, pine nuts, raisins, garlic versus onions, and sharing memories of working with Landau on this film.


** "He's a fascinating character with an incredibly strange life, he fought for the Union Army and he was a spy for the Confederates, apparently - and I guess the challenge is to humanize that person and not make him this crazed, hardened killer."

Hickok: A Conversation With Actor Luke Hemsworth. And a less conventional look at the conflicted man behind the western legend, co-starring Kris Kristofferson and Bruce Dern as the Australian actor's ambivalent father figures in the movie. While probing connections to PTSD psychologically afflicted post-Civil War vets turned outlaws roaming the Wild West;  and actually little known about Hickok as the son of an Illinois farmer whose home served as a stopover for escaped slaves along the Underground Railroad.

** "We're meant to read the lives of important people as if they never bothered with breakfast, lunch or dinner, took a coffee break, or stopped for a hot dog on the street."

Book Corner: What She Ate: Six Remarkable Women And The Food That Tells Their Stories. Food historian Laura Shapiro is on the line to Arts Express to explain exactly what a food historian is; how food defined the disparate lives of these women across the centuries, from poet William Wordsworth's sister Dorothy who cooked and cared for him, to Hitler's lover, Eva Braun. And what any of this may have to do with poetry and food; how you 'can easily see the food flowing through Wordsworth's poetry, even when he doesn't write about it'; Nazis, war, paper trails and Ivanka's champagne popsicles; gooseberries and post WW II cardigans and sensible shoes: and casseroles and the packaged plastic food version of 1950's womanhood.

**Arts Express Best Of The New Hotspot This Week: What does the CIA and Pentagon have to do with the creation and censorship of Hollywood movies? Apparently plenty, according to this investigative report probing just released documents obtained under The freedom Of Information Act. And the Deep State's major influence over approximately 800 films and more than 1,000 television productions - and not all of them war movies where disseminating propaganda and script control acts as a bargaining chip by providing military props and paraphernalia in exchange - but comedies like Meet The Parents too.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"Please Say Nice Things About Me." A Memory Lane Conversation With Martin Landau

Arts Express: "Please Say Nice Things About Me."  
A Memory Lane Conversation With Martin Landau


In tribute to the late acting legend Martin Landau, who passed away on July 15th, our conversation back in 2010 when Landau phoned in from LA on the occasion of the opening of his bittersweet unlikely elder romance co-starring Ellen Burstyn, 'Lovely, Still.' And among memories shared from his eminent acting career, was working under Hitchcock in North By Northwest; recollections of Steve McQueen, Gregory Peck, Elizabeth Taylor, Glenn Ford, Bogart and best friend James Dean; Mission Impossible, BlackBerrys, and being mistaken for Bela Lugosi in the supermarket; and sadistically stepping on the fingers of Cary Grant atop Mount Rushmore in a movie.


** "Of course if I do a movie, it's because I have to do it - and when I explore, I explore with total love and total passion."

Barbet Schroeder Talks Amnesia - And Barfly: And in the case of Amnesia, it's all about political amnesia - and a decision by the film's main character played by Marthe Keller, to stop speaking in her native German language and flee the country to a remote island, in an apparent case of PTSD coming of age in Nazi Germany. Along with Schroeder revisiting during this conversation, "one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life" filming a biopic with his subject, the beyond colorful, late flamboyant alcoholic workingclass poet, novelist and short story writer, Charles Bukowski. Who apparently once stole a carving knife from the kitchen of the Beverly Hills Hotel during a swank Hollywood dinner, and "went after the rich with it."

**Well I can first testify that Buzzfeed, we are not fake news."

Book Corner: Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud: The Rise And Reign Of The Unruly Woman. Author and Buzzfeed reporter Anne Helen Peterson wants to change the way people think about women. And what any of this may have to do during this interview, with unruly women versus the rise of feminism; the Hillary election season cognitive disconnect; and Peterson's reaction to Trump denouncing  her news outlet Buzzfeed at a press conference, as "a failing pile of garbage."

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