Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday September 7, 10-11PM The Women's Show

A Woman's Take On Men In War. Filmmaker Heather Courtney on the line from Austin, Texas, talking about embedding with the National Guard in Afghanistan for her documentary, Where Soldiers Come From. And what she discovered about post-traumatic stress disorde,r traumatic brain injury, and how these unemployed young men are lured into the military just to pay bills.

Also...Shark Sense: A Conversation with author Charlene Zartman, who wants you all to get in touch with your inner shark.

And...Toronto Film Festival Report. Women at the Toronto Film Festival: Director Zaida Bergroth phones into the show from Finland, as she prepares to take her dramatic feature The Good Son, to the Toronto Film Festival which begins this weekend. Bergroth describes what it's like for a young woman to receive such recognition, and making very personal movies about men.

Listen in at WBAI in NY, 99.5 FM. Or online at:

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