Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Arts Express: Hiroshima Poetry, Stopped Clocks, Nicolas Cage No Jimmy Stewart, And Televisions On Fire

**Hiroshima Remembrance Day Poetry: On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the US atomic bombing of Japanese civilians, a gathering of poets speaking out. And why the US government said it had to happen, but why it really did.

**Book Corner: Dr. Seuss and the legacy of Hiroshima. Referencing hidden socio-political metaphors in his books for children, along with a rediscovered manuscript hidden away in a box. Dustin Hoffman reads from one relevant allegorical tale, and the late political cartoonist turned author's former art director Cathy Goldsmith disagrees when phoning in.


**The Runner: An ecological thriller starring Nicolas Cage and Peter Fonda, opening this week. And taking on the hot topics of multinational corporate abuse of power, the BP Gulf oil spill disaster, and DC lobbyists destroying remaining remnants of democracy. Along with a distraught youth perspective today on screen that is the opposite of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. A conversation with writer/director Austin Stark.

**Art Corner: Mixed media muralist and neighborhood outsider artist Don Porcella is on the line to Arts Express to discuss his latest wordscape fusion of language and images. And some surprising connections he creates related to folk themes, crayons, science fiction, cartoons, shape shifting, a chocolate mountain, cactuses, eyeballs, a naked beekeeper, televisions on fire, a podiatry appointment and happy accidents.

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