Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Arts Express: Rob Reiner Talks Being Charlie; The Cannes Film Festival Report

**Rob Reiner Talks Being Charlie: And, was his right wing father-in-law Archie Bunker in All In The Family, a premonition of Donald Trump's presidential bid to come? A conversation with Reiner about his directing collaboration on being Charlie with screenwriter son, Nick Reiner, focusing on Nick's struggle with drug addiction. And both of them faced with the challenge of 'coming out from the long shadow of a successful father.'

**The Cannes Film Festival Report: Arts Express correspondent Professor Dennis Broe on the world film beat at Cannes, investigating: Can the spectacle of cinema erase the spectacle of joblessness. Plus money monsters on and off screen; financial terrorism,  mercenaries and five hundred surveillance cameras; And, totalitarian entertainment: condemnation or collusion.

**Rosie O'Donnell at the Fountain House Suicide Symposium:
Talking about mental health issues - others and her own. And doing her best to make the Republican swells and donors on the premises laugh, while referencing Eugene O'Neill and Donald Trump.


**Fathers And Grandsons: Following in the enormous shoes of preceding patriarchs: A conversation with Ethan Gregory Peck, grandson of Gregory. And Ethan's starring role in the revisionist terror tale, The Curse Of Sleeping Beauty, in which a woman takes charge and he's the dude in distress. Also up for discussion is Gregory Peck's screen production of Daniel Berrigan's The Trial of The Catonsville Nine, Peck's name on Nixon's Enemies List, and his Nam anti-war activism. And how if Gregory Peck were still around, Ethan would ask his advice on 'how to be a man.'

**Ciaran Hinds discusses yet another revisionist film, his starring role in Last Days In The Desert. In which Ewan McGregor portrays both Christ and the devil, and with Hinds playing devils of his own at least three times on stage and in movies.
Also, the Irish actor's current stage performance on Broadway in Arthur Miller's The Crucible.

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