Thursday, July 21, 2016

Arts Express: Matthew Modine, Bro On The Euro-Cultural Beat, And French Bosses Telling Laid Off Suicidal Workers To 'Leave By The Door Or The Window.'


**Matthew Modine Talks Stranger Things: While referencing Kubrick, Altman, Ferrara, Oliver Stone, and what those iconic filmmakers taught him about creative inspiration while starring in their movies; filming about Occupy Movement; Hitchcock, the pyramids, his father's drive-in theater, Hitler's bunker in Berlin; terror on screen and in the real world, and sci-fi government oppression on the small screen in Stranger Things.


**Bro On The Euro-Cultural Beat: Arts Express Paris Correspondent Professor Dennis Broe presenting unfiltered global news with a cultural perspective. And connecting Nice, Syria, financial fraud and Icelandic bankers; mass protests in the streets across France, multinational tax shelters infamously known as Treasure Islands; French workers bullied in the workplace by disembodied robotic voices known as The Talkman, and labor layoffs and suicides with bosses declaring that workers leave 'one way or another - either by the door or by the window.'

**Outlaws And Angels: A Conversation With Francis Fisher. The actress is on the line from LA discussing revisionist, anti-mythologized westerns; starring alongside daughter Francesca Eastwood who plays an enigmatic frontier rebel in the movie; what violent westerns are saying about the society we find ourselves in today; and what's up with massive disappeared California ballots and the strange presidential election currently in progress. 

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