Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Arts Express: Philip Winchester Talks Chicago Justice, Remembering Bill Paxton

** "Bill saw that we were young and hungry, and he just took us under his wings - he was just this incredible guy who cared about the process, and he cared about storytelling."

Actor Philip Winchester Talks Chicago Justice, Remembering Bill Paxton: Winchester shares memories of Bill Paxton, who suddenly passed away at the age of 61 on February 25th. And, playing Paxton's son in the film Thunderbirds in 2004. Also, what the actor is up to in his telelvision series, Chicago Justice.

** "I think any director who says they don't come with any bias, is being a liar to the public."

American Socialist: The Life And Times Of Eugene Victor Debs. Filmmaker Yale Strom is on the line to Arts Express from San Diego to talk about his commitment with this documentary, to correcting the distorted when not buried truths about socialist presidential candidate Eugene Debs. While referencing ideological truth telling; Marx, Engels and Utopian socialists; the Pullman strike versus the railroad oligarchs; Victor Hugo, Joe Hill, and the minimum wage movement today - and who really came up with the notion of the New Deal, And hint, it's not FDR. A feature of the Socially Relevant Film Festival.

** Sanders Does Debs. Eugene V. Debs: Trade Unionist, Socialist, Revolutionary.
Sanders wrote, directed, and stars as Debs in his own production. Selected excerpts.


** "I knew that if I was to wear a Veterans For Peace shirt, that I would get lynched - I felt that I would get lynched in this crowd."

Disneyland of War: More crime scene than convention, Iraq War marine combat veteran and Veterans For Peace activist Mike Haynes takes viewers on a disturbing and troubling tour of the Miramar military air show in San Diego, apparently aimed in particular at grooming the next generation of government trained killers - children. A Chris Smiley directed documentary, and another feature of the Socially Relevant Film Festival.

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