Thursday, February 25, 2016

Arts Express: Famke Janssen Talks From Bond Girl To Girl Bonding; She's Beautfiul When She's Angry; Policing The Police; Post-Traunatic Unemployment Disorder

      '...I know what love is, and I know what the loss of love is.'

**Famke Janssen: From Bond Girl To Girl Bonding. The actress is on the line to Arts Express to talk about her latest film, the unconventional family drama, Jack Of The Red Hearts. In which youth in social and economic crisis today converges with autism, and struggling to come of age in this troubled world. Based on the challenges of Jack Of The Red Hearts director Janet Grillo, raising her own autistic child. Additional topics on the table include losing the sex crazed femme fatale assassin in kick butt, toe to toe mode against James Bond in Goldeneye; embracing the dark side of life as creative inspiration; and her upcoming game show sinister satire This Is Your Life, directed by and co-starring Giancarlo Esposito.

**Peace Officer: Or maybe not. An explosive investigative documentary about the deadly militarization of police in this country. And one of its victims - ironically a Utah sheriff who first introduced SWAT teams into the state - phones in. An emotionally shattering revelation and extraordinary case of reverse rage literally policing the police. A March DVD release.


**She's Beautiful When She's Angry. A look at this March DVD release for Women's History Month, delving into the historic struggles of the Women's Movement of the last century. Where did the basic rights females young and old enjoy today come from, and what fierce struggles in the 20th century made them possible, and still relevant today.

**Writers Corner: Miguel Gardel reads from his short story, All The Books In The Library.
Exploring life after the army as a Latino, and what might be termed post-traumatic unemployment disorder; the revolving door inner city existence of rooming houses, recruiting stations, landlords, unemployment lines, and armies addicted to young men. And formulating rebellion and giving it shape through poetry, and a novel's flush of eloquent words. Accompanied by the sounds of the late legend Louie Ramirez and his Latin Jazz Ensemble.

Prairie Miller

Arts Express: Airing on WBAI Radio in NY and the Pacifica National Radio Network and Affiliate Stations.

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