Monday, February 15, 2016

Arts Express: Jesse Owens, James Baldwin, And Fifteen Men Who Decide What Movies You See

**Aloe Blacc Talks Race: The Story Of Jesse Owens. Phoning in to the show from LA is soul artist, vocalist, songwriter, actor and performer Aloe Blacc, who wrote music for the Race soundtrack. Blacc describes in our conversation how he saw his contribution of the song, 'Let The Games Begin,' as an opportunity to be part of the Owens legacy. And the outstanding athlete who met the challenge, not only as a track and field legend, but in a faceoff historically, however fleeting, with Jim Crow at home and Hitler's Nazi Germany abroad at the 1936 Olympics. Blacc, the composer as well when finding himself jobless of  'I Need A Dollar' - which went on to become the theme song of the HBO series, 'How To Make It In America,' also contemplates how the sports icon has informed his own life as a Black man in this country.


**Danny Glover Weighs In On Bias Controversy At The Oscars: The actor and activist during a Sundance sitdown, traces the contentious racial exclusion issue to a much deeper dilemma plaguing the films themselves being made. And compound by "15 men who decide what you're going to see."

**The Last Interview And Other Conversations: Dennis Johnson of Melville House Books discusses his unique instant classic series highlighting the works of late iconic groundbreaker, edgy, offbeat and outsider writers who have passed on - from James Baldwin, Hemingway, Marquez and Vonnegut to Bradbury, Dick, Lou Reed, and others; the struggle of independent literary houses marginalized by corporate publishing takeover conglomerates; and the process of Johnson's intense labor of love in the journey tracking down and gathering the final works honoring the memory of these writing legends.

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