Thursday, February 11, 2016

Arts Express: The Political Power Of Music; PTSD Fueled Psychological Crime Thriller Faceoff

**Thomas Jane Talks Standoff: And the Laurence Fishburne faceoff of damaged souls in this PTSD psychological crime thriller. As one struggles against his inner demons, and the other succumbs to the mental ravages of war. Jane, best known on screen as a different sort of madman, The Punisher, is on the line from LA to mull as well T.S. Eliot, Mickey Mantle, Neal Cassady, WWII atom bombs, Jaws, sci-fi and genetic engineering, Knocking On Heaven's Door - and why passersby gave him spare change to not sing it on the streets of Hollywood when he was homeless and begging, and living out of his car. And, his gig on Hung as an economic hard times call guy in the small screen sex for sale satire series - and that concerning Hung, he is actually not.

**Writers Corner: Chilean New Song - The Political Power Of Music: A Conversation With Professor J. Patrice McSherry. The author's musical memory lane recollections of the fleeting triumph, ensuing terror and tragedy of the creative component to mass uprising illuminating Allende's Chile back then. While reflecting on popular aspirations, towards a creation of new forms of community and political solidarity arising spontaneously and organically from that generation of musicians. Pete Seeger performs from the work of one of those brutalized victims of the subsequent Pinochet dictatorship, Victor Jara. Chris Butters Reports.

**Poetry Corner: Jack Kerouac vintage reading, Sounds Of The Universe Coming In My Window, set to jazz.

Arts Express: Airing on WBAI Radio in NY and the Pacifica National Radio Network and Affiliate Stations.

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